Has Dominik Wajda's Battery Exploded?

No (0/24+)

its /24+ because i have more than 24 batteries

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A shot of the battery on it's side
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A shot of the battery on it's side
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Close up shot of the battery's XT60 Connectors at the front

This battery has a capacity of around 40Ah or 40,000 mAh at 3.7v which is from 2 LiPO batteries connected in parallel.
The battery has 2 XT60 connectors and allows a maximum current of 28 Amps which equates to ~103W (3.7v x 28A = 103.6W)
and it also blew up my multimeters fuse when i was testing it. LiPO batteries are Dangerous! Thats why this battery is
encased in hot glue and plastic which helps protect it from stabbing.